Before and After

Below is just a small selection from our many websites. Each site was custom designed and crafted to fit the individual needs of our clients. Websites are designed to communicate clearly, generate more leads, create brand credibility and drive customers to your phones.

Elan Design are specialists in Newspaper, Magazine and Print Advertising for Small Business in Auckland and New Zealand wide. Many smaller companies need the services of a top end creative advertising agency but can’t afford the fees. Elan Design provide the same level of creativity and our fees are affordable. Call us to find out […]

The Website you see above was created by the Trends Magazine online team. They did a credible, competent job on this website although in our opinion, it does lack a ‘Wow’ factor. Hardwood asked us to rework the website to include the new branding Logo and Business ID pack we had developed for them the […]

If you take a moment to visit this website you’ll see it is a substantial website. In this instance we’ve taken the project beyond the brief, which was essentially to keep the same framework and put a new ‘branded’ skin on the website. We’ve added additional functionality and in the end are happy with the […]

RH Cabinetmakers is typical of many New Zealand Companies, who do an exceptional job and produce beautiful work but, until we met with them and eventually talked them into creating a new website, believed that the internet had no great value and that in truth, new work always did and always will come from word […]

As you can see the results are attractive. The site opens with a mini Gallery of some of RH Cabinetmaker’s best work at full page size then proceeds to show the benefits, when you click on Navigation. To this point, RH Cabinetmakers are still only milking half the cow and as yet have to undertake […]