Probably the most common statement we hear when we ring a company after identifying they need a website is ‘We’re busy’ Why do we need a website’?

That’s a fair question. There are several components to that question so let’s have a lock at that.

Some people fear that having a website will swamp them with more work. If you advertise your website yes you’ll get a lot more enquiries if your products are good and what people want at the right price. The thing is you don’t have to advertise it. So then what’s the purpose behind a website then if it doesn’t neccassarily bring a lot more enquiries? The answer is it gives you credibility. Infact recent surveys show that

30% of viewers won’t bother with a company
if it doesn’t have a website.

The reality is everyone under the age of 50 really has been brought up with compter s and the internet so much so that now

93% of customers go online first to find a local business to provide the products or services
they need.

The great thing about a Website is it shows all your products and services 24/7 and shows customers products and services they often didn’t know you supply.
If you don’t have one sorry but people start asking questions about your professionalism, they think is that company a real dinosour and is all their gear out of date

Then there’s the question of when
do you create a website?
It’s the sort of thing that business owners often know they need to do but often don’t get around to doing it because often something else jumps the queue. Right now the economy is fairly bouyant but it’s fragile. One case COVID case get’s lose and we’re all in trouble
It that happens or there’s an economic downturn you need every advantage you can get hold of. Soit makes sense to do it now

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