Elan Design Clients for 12 years ‘Who dares Wins’

  • Services supplied
  • Websites x 2
  • Comprehensive exhibition graphics and signage
  • Brochures, and print promotion material
  • Advertising campaign strategies
  • Powerpoint presentation
  • Print and pdf communication publications

Fonko has been our client since 2009 and are now one of the top Air Conditioning and Refrigeration companies in New Zealand. Fonko is one of a very small select group asked to tender for large supermarket installations and other food-related contracts.  They have two wings a residential and a commercial section.  Commercial becoming the dominant section in recent years. They have grown from a 4 personal business to now employing over 100 staff in Wellington and Auckland. Online success has been down to a simple ‘Who dares Wins’ approach.

While most companies shy away from spending money to market their websites Fonko has actively marketed their via Google advertising, and social mediato the tune of several thousand dollars per month and as a result, it has paid huge dividends

If you’re looking to create online success and generate sales for your business we know how to do it.  What it comes down to is are you prepared to step outside your comfort zone and follow our instructions.

Not every company has a big advertising budget.  Great results can also be achieved on a shoestring budget.
We’ll show you how to do it. Click here to read more and find out how it’s done.
Over the Years Elan Design has provided both their initial website and the second version of their website with a far more comprehensive website containing a lot of information about the products and services Fonko offer.
In creating the current version of the website we spent a lot of time researching what Fonko’s opposition was doing looking at what they were doing well and not so well then carefully considered the content for the website
All of this work has helped Fonko reached the level of success they have obtained and we are proud to be part of that story and would like to help you reach the same results
This website is actively changed offering regularly.  We provide all the marketing material, including Brochures, Company profiles, Exhibition graphics and signage, Brand development, and regular advertising material for promotions.
Promotions are a large part of this.  Because we can supply graphics that are on par with top-level Design studios and Avert

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