Elan Design engages in photography on behalf of clients from studio lit and light box product photography to on-site photography. Staged photography, full photo editing, product clear cutting (deleting photo backgrounds), photo retouching, photo manipulation and more is included. All our team have over 10 years experience, working in photo editing so you can be sure of a superb result.

A dynamic and exiting photograph is often all about taking what many would regard as mundane products or locations and making them interesting, even exciting by creating visual tension and using a number of compositional techniques. As photographers it really helps that we have ‘design eye’ or an eye for good composition. Really that is half of what makes a great photo. We love taking ordinary products and making them look fantastic. Whether that’s a washer or a bolt, you can make any object interesting if you know what you’re doing and of course we do!

Often we are required to take large numbers of product photos and simply show these products in their best light in a practical and literal fashion.

Our clients have a design team that can not only handle their print design or web design requirements but look after their photographic needs as well without the need to outsource to a Photographer. Time and money is saved and ensures creative direction stays intact as it’s in the hands of those who are designing your project ensuring there is no creative disconnect between photographer and designer.

A big part of our photographic work is Stock photo selection, purchasing and editing. We’ll help you choose the right photos to create the look and feel that’s right for your project.