Considered Web Design

Elan Design considered top shelf affordable, Web Design, Website hosting, SEO and Adwords Auckland Ruapehu. Your website needs to be considered from every angle. For your website to be successful you first need to engage a team who can see the big picture. A team who are capable of creating highly attention grabbing advertising with sound technology as really that’s what your website is. It’s a dynamic advert of your products and service and if you haven’t grabbed your customer’s attention within the first couple of seconds, you can kiss any prospect of making a sale online goodbye. That’s why it’s so important that you choose Elan Design who are equally powerful in Graphic Design and Advertising Skills.

Creating a site from a pre made website template, trying to force your unique selling proposition into a square box and then expecting sales, just won’t cut it – in our opinion. Without getting too evangelistic about the subject that’s why we spend such a lot of time in the preparation work. We consider all the major ingredients before we even start designing which in the end, produces results. Elan Design brings to bear the right mixture of creative, sales and common sense and blends it with cutting edge technology to create websites that are aimed at blowing your opposition out of the water.

Once your website has been designed, developed and is complete, we continue to work with you as we understand that creating your website is only part what’s required for online success in today’s market.

Your next step then is to market your website / product / service to ensure a return on your investment that creates real and tangible results. This step is essential if you want your site to be on the first page of Google. For only 7% of the public will search past that first page for a product or service.

Website Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

The marketing requirements of each website to some degree are unique. The right blend of Adwords (Google Advertising) versus Search Engine Optimization(SEO) needs to be applied. Our goal when marketing a website is as quickly as possible to get you into the sweet spot, where maximum impact is created for minimum advertising dollars spent.

The following is a quick overview of:-

Search Engine Optimization

In today’s ever more web savvy market place the competition to on the first page of any Google search has become intense for many services and industries. Research shows that only 7% of the public will search past the first page when looking for a particular service or product. Really the tried and true process of getting three quotes remains in place, however the web is more fatiguing for the customer than the yellow pages. More work is involved to get the key information because all listings look the same, necessitating viewers make at least a couple of clicks per website to ascertain if the website and company has what they’re looking for.

It’s essential that your website in on the first page. Your website without SEO or an Adwords Campaign might as well not be there.

Give us a call and quickly discuss your requirements and we’ll supply marketing suggestions that will get you on the road to business growth and success. So call us and make an appointment today.


Just about all websites we create for our clients have an inbuilt CMS. This allows you the client greater flexibility and control where images and text can be easily changed, quickly updating adding pages and categories without additional web development fees.

CMS is an application that provides capabilities for multiple users with different permission levels to manage content, data or information of a website project, or internet / intranet application. Essentially, CMS allows a client to login and edit / manage chosen aspects of the website themselves without the need for a web developer. Elan Design uses an open source CMS system which means you aren’t bound by custom made proprietary systems which have become a trend in recent years where customers can be trapped into complicated CMS systems.
Our platforms are extremely user friendly and easy to work with.

Phone and IPad websites

Smartphones and mobile computing has changed the way businesses interact with their customers and in fact, by the end of 2014 it’s expected over half of your company’s web traffic will be coming from a mobile device. So if you don’t have a smartphone compatible website you’ll need to address this as the market is changing very quickly. It often possible to make and existing website responsive phone and ipad compatible fairly easily.

However if you really want to treat your brand and website seriously you’ll need to get your site designed for a variety of different devices including, ipad portrait and landscape and smart phone portrait and landscape. Design work is required to get your site looking just right on all devices but it’s still quite affordable.
Call us and we’ll check your site for you for free.


Domain names are your website address and can be as important to your brand as trademarks in securing your business identity.

Whether it is a, .com, .net, .org or any other web address, Elan design can look after the administration, registration and renewal of your domains, so you can relax and get on with the core matters involved in running your business.


Each Business is unique and as such each customer’s web development requirements are also unique. We provide on tap advice and support ensuring your web presence grows as your company grows. At Elan Design we check regularly with clients once initial web site development has been completed to ensure that you are constantly on track and are able to navigate your way to success. From extremely complicated E commerce solutions to simple brochure style websites, our developers will collaborate with you ensuring you receive what you’re after. Our developers are not just back room boys, they are totally customer and business focused as well as being extremely technically proficient. This means you’ll be understood when communicating your ideas and nothing will be lost in translation.

Elan Design offers a full range of custom web development services. From Inventory management systems, Facebook applications, e-commerce stores, business to business systems, multi point public, wholesale and retailer access (websites are multi-layered so that there is both a public site and a retailer or wholesaler version of your website within the same website), forums, calendars, newsletters and more.


Internet-based online shops (E-commerce portals) have changed forever, the way we do business. For you the customer it can appear a maze. So many options are available from do-it-yourself to multi-faceted platform management via the likes of Magenta to companies offering proprietary software systems that they claim are better solutions. Where do you start? At Elan Design we aim to make the process as simple as possible for the client. We use an open source platform that is hugely adaptable and requires minimum custom coding. This allows your E shop to get up and running easily and quickly ensuring you can manage your products through a simple to use Ecommerce, CMS platform that’s one of the world’s most popular. Put simply we’ve got the experience you need to make your shop a success and strengthen customer relationships and enhance your competitive advantage generating strong calls to action that lead to sales conversion providing maximum ROI (return on investment).

We offer ongoing support once your site has been launched, such as: digital marketing, traffic analysis, monthly maintenance / product uploading. Whatever your e-commerce needs, Elan Design will nail them for you.


Imagine sending a flyer or brochure out to all of your customers, that costs you nothing to print at the push of a button. You can easily via the popular email delivery software Mailchimp and Campaign monitor.

Almost 60 per cent of email users have the ability to receive HTML emails. HTML emails gets twice the response rate as text emails, strengthen brand association and allow you to easily keep in contact with your customer base that you need to do at least once a month. Remember it’s three times as easy to sell to an existing customer as it is to sell to a new one.
Elan Design can help design you an HTML newsletter template in line with your company branding or existing website. Easily editable and adaptable mail chimp is the solution to your email marketing requirements.


Website hosting is required for all companies that have a website. We provide premium quality hosting solutions for our clients, Elan Design’s hosting is fast, safe, secure and backed up weekly, constantly operating at full potential for minimal fees.