Connections in the Home are East Auckland’s most experienced ‘In Home ¬†Child Care Centre’ in Auckland.
Connections briefed us to create unique attention grabbing adverts for print to show the benefits of their company. Their branding was ambiguous in that it was easily confused with a security company using three keys their logo. There were also several objections that needed to be addressed and false perceptions answered. We designed a series of three unique adverts.

One to show that Connections is about having fun playing to address the perception that in home care created spoiled isolated kids that couldn’t interact
Advert 2 is designed to show the hidden benefits that children educated at home tend to build better connections in their brains due to feeling secure and Advert 3 was aimed at creating new customers and getting parents to enroll. It’s difficult to say exactly how much effect the adverts had but Connections became incredibly busy with new memberships after these adverts ran. However this team also has a good reputation in the district so that’s also a big factor